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Carpes Supplies

Raw material are : spun cotton, wool and silk, raw materials for the natural dyes… They are , however, need in large quantities and are of great value. Their supply needs to be closely managed . In an economic environment where inflation rates are high, it is in the master weaver ‘s interest to amass a large sock which increases in value over time. The master weaver buys his own hanks of wool and silk for the year , depending on requirements, and has them dyed in selected dye workshops.

Making a carpet takes many months, sometime years, so having a regular supply of wool and silk of the same homogenous color i.e. from the same bath, available at the moment they are needed and in the necessary quantities, requires perfect organization in order to avoid stops and start in production and consequently to avoid losses. Right from start , the quantities to be dyed for finished carpet need to be estimate precisely . The wool and silks needs for the field and the borders of the carpet required large quantities of perhaps only two colors and these must be dyed in single bath. The dozen of other color used in the motifs are needed in much smaller quantities . For these , the master weave finds the necessary colors in his hank storage which is composed for several hundred regularly renewed reference.