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What are some of the things that should be taken into consideration when buying carpet?

The following questions are important factors you should consider when deciding to install carpet in your living space.
• What style, color, and type of carpet fiber do you prefer?
• What kind of carpet cushion do you need?
• How is the room going to be used?
• Is there light or heavy room traffic in the room?
• Is there direct access from outside?
• Do you have indoor pets?
• Do you have stairs?
• Is it a small room or a large room?
• What are the lighting conditions in the room?

What are the average costs I should expect when purchasing carpet?

Carpet pricing ranges from low to high, depending on the quality of the carpet and materials used.

Do I need to use padding or a carpet cushion under my new carpet?

Most carpet will require padding or a cushion if installed in a residential space. Some carpets are designed to be installed without cushion, and some are designed to be directly glued to the subfloor. Pads and cushions will almost always give you a more comfortable feel as well as extend the life of your carpeting. To select a pad or cushion with minimal VOCs look for a green label on the sample that has the letters CRI IAC on it. This will assure you that the product complies with indoor air quality standards.